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EHhhhhh friends be careful, good to read EVERYTHING on this.
this was taken down before, but i'm uploading it again, sorry about that
all the information is from his account's and what i'm finding out from other people 
a lot of it is true some might not be 
but if you find any information about this user, please let me know by note or in the comments 

also you are very welcome for the warning, i'm happy you all know about this person now, i'm just trying my best to keep a lot of you safe
also yes you can share it if you like, i don't mind at all, it does help get the word out about this user  

his face has now been showen, have fun while you still last   

Yup first day! And first time very excited and can't wait to see my favorite youtubers which I filed down to

Simplynaillogical(don't paint my nails makes me feel weird but I like art and she makes some pretty darn good art along with that she's hilarious)
Joey Graceffa

Yeah that's kinda it BUT YEAH IM EXCITED!
SO I grabbed this from CarsonBond007
Annnd now imma  do it X3

A- Age: 12 years old(XD turned 12, 2016)
B- Biggest Fear: umm I think....... um I'm not sure to be exact O-O
C- Current time: 11:10 am
D- Drink you last had: Water, last night XD
E- Easiest Person to talk to: Hmmm IRL friends and some of my friends on here is NightmareClaws2456 , CarsonBond007, BloodbathDAnightwing , and Darkfury1087
G- Ghosts; are they real: no not really but I like watching shows about them
I- In love With: Never in my life, I consider mostly people as friends or like sibs.
J- Jealous of: T-T people hanging out with there friends while I barely have any that are free most of the time.
K- Killed someone?: Ocs XD literally keep thinking of death scenes in mah head
L- Last time you cried: Not sure
M- Middle Name: No not aloud to know.
N- Number of Siblings: 3 (XD in the oldest, a younger sister 16 months apart from me and two little bros)
O- One Wish: DRAGONS TO BE REAL! An I feel like being a rebel and I would like to have a pet Crow ):3
P- Person who you last called: My mother O-O
Q- Question you're always asked: No one asks me anything really..... but they pester me about drawing them something :T so I decided to do a small opening on art for peeps who know about my stupid musically that I just post art on :T
R- Reason to smile?: Friends, Things I enjoy, and um dragons and mah Fam(DeviantArt fam,Wings of fire Fam, Friend fam,Fam fam)
S- Song last sang: Emperors new clothes by panic at the disco ):3
T- Time you woke up: 9:30 am
U- Underwear color: XD blue
V- Vacation Destination: Um I'm at home at the moment sooooooooooo um I'm going to camps....
W- Worst habit: Er I have many habits. But maybe 1 of them is gunning the 4-wheeler and putting soy sauce in white rice ld
X- X-rays you've had: Ehhhh I needed one to see if the tip of my tail bone was broken or not, but it was bruised badly ld
Y- Your favorite food: STEEEEEAAAAK!!!!!!
Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius(sun),Scorpio(Moon),Gemini(Rising)

I'm tagging everyone ):3


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United States
HELLLO WORLD! Names Fossil, I am a young artist that's in middle school infact! I am a extend art student. I am a person who likes mythical creatures and dragons most of all!, I am a gryffindor! Another thing is that I am a warrior fan and Wings of fire. Dragons are my specialty! In drawing, I am a artist who does paper and digital art :) so welcome one and all!


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